Nobody likes a tie, unless it's a Scooby Doo tie. Turn a boring necktie into a fun conversation piece and show that your a true Scooby Doo fan with one of these Scooby Doo neckties. A Scooby Doo tie also makes a great gift. Of course, you can always buy the old standby blue or red tie, but why would you?

We have a huge selection of styles, colors and designs for these whimsical ties.

Scooby Novelty Tie


What can we say about this super fun Scooby novelty tie with rows and rows of Scooby Doo pictures. How about we just say that it is perfect and you need one?

Scooby Doo Hot Peppers Tie

hot peppers

This is truly one of the hottest neckties that you will find anywhere. This little number has Scooby mixed up with a whole bunch of jalepeno peppers. Spicy!

Scooby Doo Baseball Tie

baseball tie

We love this fun Scooby Doo tie with our hero in a baseball uniform and holding a baseball bat. This tie is dark blue with stripes. A good looking, but fun tie.