Scooby Doo and the Legend of the Vampire

The gang is taking a break in Australia, when they decide to visit a music festival being held a Vampire Rock in the middle of the Australian Outback.  Once they arrive, Mystery Inc. finds that several of the bands have been abducted by the Yowie Yahoo and his vampire minions - the former band members of Wild Wind.

The gang learns that Wild Wind was a band who lost the contest at the previous year's festival.   After losing,  Wild Wind climbed to the top of Vampire Rock and were never heard from again.  That is until this year's contestants start getting abducted.

At the festival, the gang runs into the Hex Girl, who are contestants in the festival.  After the Hex Girls are abducted, the gang has to solve the mystery of the missing bands, stay away from vampires, and make sure the show goes on as planned.

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