Scooby Doo Readers

Story Reader Scooby-Doo 3-Storybook Library
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Story Reader brings children's favorite stories to life. Insert the cartridge and place the book into the Story Reader console (sold separately), and turn the pages to read along. A narrator reads the book as each page is turned, while Story Reader adds sound effects and music. Children follow along as the words flow from their Story Reader.The Story Reader 3-Book Scooby-Doo Library: Haunted Theater; Museum Mystery; Miniature Golf Mystery, designed for children 3 years old and older, includes three storybooks and a cartridge for your Story Reader. Children can join Scooby-Doo and the gang as they solve three of[Read More]

Scooby Doo Vtech Reading Book

VTech Bugsby Reading System Book - Scooby-Doo Decoy for a Dognapper
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Reading does not need to be a mystery for your child. Join the gang on an adventure that takes them on adventure to rescue prize winning, show dogs that have been kidnapped dognapped.

Your child will enjoy listening to the story being read aloud. Also entertaining are the activities that focus on reading comprehension, phonics, sentence structure, and more.

Scooby Doo Leapfrog Tag

A great educational toys is the Leapfrog Tag, an amazing touch reading system that brings reading to life for kids.  You need the reader (item 1 below) and then books, like Scooby Doo and the  Shiny Spooky Knights.   Tag brings the joy of reading to kids like never before.   With each touch of the Tag reader to the book's pages, words talk, characters sing and stories live out loud.

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Personalized Scooby Book

Now tell me this is not coolest Scooby Doo book ever.   That's right, a personalized Scooby Book just for your child.  Your child is part of the story and gets to help solve the mystery.  This fun Scooby Doo book allows your child to team up with Scooby and the gang to save a party from an angry polar bear.   Imagine  the joy on your child's face when they read this book, see their name,  and discover how they help Mystery Inc. solve the mystery and save the day.  Want to make reading fun, this is the answer.

Each book is 24 pages and is bound in a hardcover and illustrated in color.   Every page will have your child's name.  As part of the personalization, you can mention two friends and your child's hometown.   Because it has a hard cover, this special book will last.

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Scooby Doo Books

Scooby Doo books and Scooby Doo readers are fun way to get and keep your child interested in reading.  When learning to read is fun, like with  Scooby Doo, children will take an interest and keep the pages turning.  The entire world will open up once your child starts learning to read and solving mysteries with Scooby and the gang.

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