Heather North

Heather North, also known as Heather North Kenney, is the second actress who provided the voice of danger prone Daphne Blake.   She followed Indira Stefanianna Christopherson.  Depending on the episodes or movies that you watch, this is the voice with which you are most likely familiar.  She started providing the voice in 1970 and did so for approximately 16 years.   In 1997, she provided the voice for Daphne in a Johnny Bravo episode called Bravo Dooby Doo.   In 2002 and 2003, she came back to voice Daphne in two of the Scooby movies.  The first was Scooby Doo and the Monster of Mexico and then followed by Scooby Doo and the Legend of the Vampire.  Most, if not all, of her voice work is that of  Daphne Blake.

Heather North also appeared in a lot of the most popular television shows in the late 60s and early 70s.   She had roles on Adam-12,  Ironside,  Love, American Style, Green Acres  My Three Sons, and the The Monkees. Other facts: Born on December 13, 1950 in Pasadena, California. In 1965 she met Wes Kenney on the set of Days of Our Lives and the couple married in 1971.