Kate Melton

In Scooby Doo 3, the story is that of a prequel. This means the story pre-dates in time the early movies and episodes. Here, the movie focus on how the gang meets and solves its first mystery.

For this, a completely new crop of actors was picked to portray the gang. Kate Melton, sometimes called "Katie" or "Kaitlyn" was the choose for Daphne Blake in this live action movie.

Melton is young, as you might imagine. She is on Oklahoma native and was born June 23, 1992. She is also an avid animal lover. She has five (5) pets in all. Three (3) dogs and two (2) cats.

Scooby Doo 3 is, by far, Melton's biggest role to date. However, she has several other acting roles to her credit. The most prominent of these were:

  • Friday Night Lights where she played a teenage fan in an episode
  • Timmy where she played the girlfriend; and<,li>
  • Freaky Faron where she played Brianne Vandergreen