Daphne Blake’s Relatives

Dating back to the original series, the gang has always had friends and family appear on the show. It was common for the gang to rush to the aid of friend in trouble or just stumble upon a mystery while visiting family. Daphne is no exception.

Over the years, many of Daphne's family have made appearances. Daphne and Velma have the distinction that some of their relatives have actually been the monster (not always a bad thing).

Daphne Blake's Family

  • John Maxwell - He is an uncle. He is also a movie director and appeared in Never Ape and Ape Man)

  • George R. Blake and Elizabeth Blake - Daphne's parents. They appear in the Pup Named Scooby Doo series

  • Uncle Matt - He is an uncle and a cattle rancher by trade

  • Olivia Derby - An aunt

  • Jennifer - A cousin

  • Shannon Blake - A cousin from Scotland

  • Danica - Another cousin who is a famous French model