Big Scare in the Big Easy

Big Scare in the Big Easy is episode 4 in the What's New Scooby Doo series.  Spoiler Alert - episode guide and details of Big Scare in the Big Easy are below.

While enjoying Mardi Gras, Scooby Doo and the gang have made arrangements to stay at the local Leland Hotel.  To get the hotel from Bourbon Street, they must cross through a cemetery.  While crossing through the scary cemetery to the hotel, they are met by the ghosts of two rival civil war soldiers.  Just before the ghosts pounce, the gang is rescued by Crawdad Mike on a tour bus.   Crawdad Mike runs the Haunted New Orleans Tours and was showing a bus load of tourist the cemetery when he saw the gang needed help.

While on the tour bus, Crawdad Mike tells them that the two ghosts were Union Jeb and Rebel Caleb and that these were two brothers that fought on opposites sides in the civil war. The legend goes that the two brothers hate each so much that they appear in the graveyard every night to fight.

After many thanks, the gang ends up at the hotel, which is only slightly less scary than the cemetery. There they meet a very friendly proprietor, Lorelai Leland, and feuding land owner, Cyrus T. Buford.  It is clear that Buford wants purchase the Leland property and will do anything to get it.  Lorile tells the gang that the ghosts are her great, great uncles.

After being shown to their rooms, the gang quickly heads back outside to investigate the mystery.  In the cemetery, Daphne steps into something sticky, which they take to an expert - Crawdad Mike.  He tells them that the sticky stuff is ectoplasm, which sends the gang back to the cemetery to look for more clues.  There they run into the ghosts again and after some fun chase scenes, Daphne is captured by the ghosts.

While looking for Daphne, Fred and Velma discover some lights in a tree.  Scooby and Shaggy hear wailing in the cemetery and head off in search of Daphne.  The find her by calling her cellphone and following the ring.  Once they rescue her, they barely escape from the ghosts.  While trying to escape, Shaggy and the ghosts get caught in Fred's trap.

  • The Monster: Civil War Ghosts
  • The Villain: Crawdad Mike and his tour bus driver
  • Why: Crawdad Mike was using the legend and the ghosts to sell tours.

Seems Crawdad Mike was using holograms to project images of the ghosts in the graveyard anytime the tour bus got close. It was a slick operation, where they used dry ice to create a fog onto which the holograms were projected. It was the dry ice that left the sticky residue on the ground.

In addition to the Frank Welker (Scooby and Fred), Grey DeLisle (Daphne), and Mindy Cohen (Velma), Jim Cumming and John DiMaggio also provided voices for this episode.

  • Jim Cumming: Cyrus T. Buford and Crawdad Mike
  • John Dimaggo: Taylor Leland and Policeman

The music during the chase scene is called "Man with the Hex" and is performed by the Atomic Fireballs. The Atomic Fireballs - Torch This Place - Man with the Hex

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