There’s No Creature Like Snow Creature

There is No Creature Like Snow Creature is episode number one of the What's New Scooby Doo series.   It is the relaunch of the Scooby Doo series.

Spoiler Alert - episode guide and details of this episode are below.

The gang is traveling in the Mystery Machine to watch a snowboarding competition being put on by a billionaire and featuring some of the sport's greatest athletes including Chris Klug and Avalanche Anderson.  What the gang doesn't know is that a large snow creature has started terrorizing the slopes and taking out contestants, including Klug.

However, it doesn't take the gang long once they arrive to get involved.   They immediately discover that Chris Klug has been injured while fleeing from the Snow Creature and that he is out of the competition.   Later, they find Avalanche Anderson in a snow bank after an attack by the creature and he is out of the competition as well.

This leads to the gang's first encounter with the Snow Creature, where they soon discover that they can see through this monster of ice and there is no villain hiding inside.  And, the monster is clearly terrorizing the slopes and jeopardizing the competition.  In trying to escape, Fred breaks his leg and is out of action.   Velma soon comes down with a cold, leaving only Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby to do the hard work of solving this mystery.

Extra clues abound, when the gang finds out that the billionaire is having money trouble and the television anchor covering the event is looking to increase her ratings.   Also of intrigue are a grounds keeper, who is a former skier that was injured by a snowboarder, and a masked man that is seen at the top of the mountain.

With Scooby and Shaggy as live bait, the gang captures and destroys the Snow Creature, which is a remote controlled machine that is made completely of Lucite.   This makes the monster clear and appear that it is made of snow and ice.  However, the bigger mystery of who is controlling the Snow Creature is solved by Velma while she is stuck in her room watching videos.

  • The Monster: Snow Creature
  • The Villain: Avalanche Anderson
  • Why: Avalanche was past his prime, but wanted to get back to the top of his sport.  So, he was taking out competitors and was going to make a miraculous to compete in the competition.


Chris Klug plays himself in this Scooby Doo episode.