Space Ape at the Cape

Space Ape at the Cape is episode number 4 in the What's New Scooby Doo series.   Spoiler Alert - episode guide and details of Scooby Doo Space Ape at the Cape are below.

The gang is visiting NASA because Velma is a finalist in the S.E.A. Future Scientist Competition for her project involving the effects of zero gravity on earthworms.  The other finalist is young Elliot Bender, who will appear in other episodes.  The winning project will go on the next launch of the space shuttle.  While the awards are going on, Scooby and Shaggy do what they do best, visit the refreshment table.  Velma wins the competition but a little "complication" has grounded the space shuttle.

As part of the competition, Velma gets to meet her favorite scientist Janet Lawrence.  Professor Janet Lawrence also just happens to be a Noble prize winner.  While showing the gang her trophy and signed Janet Lawrence trading card, the gang come face-to-face with the little "complication."  A small glowing, purple and green alien running amock.

Lawrence, who happens to be a member of the E.T.I.S team (Extra Terrestrial Information Search), tells them that a probe recently brought back an alien egg.  That egg recently hatched and the alien has been running loose ever since.  The base is immediately locked down and the shuttle launch canceled.  The gang springs into mystery solving mode.

The gang finds all kinds of clues including a girl's makeup compact and a suspicious janitor, who provides medical care and has a room of high tech equipment.  The search for clues also results in numerous run ins with the alien.  In each encounter the alien keeps getting larger and larger.  At one point it towers over the gang.

  • The Monster: Space Alien
  • The Villain: Janet Lawrence
  • Why: Lawrence had staged the whole thing because her research was not completed and she was unable to send it up on the shuttle.  She used the alien to delay the launch.

Lawrence's scheme was pretty elaborate.  She had used the food dehydrator to create the alien egg, which she caused to "hatch" with just a little water.  She also used  Reggie, the test monkey, for the little alien and she dressed up as the larger alien.


Scooby snax were not used to entice Shaggy and Scooby to do anything in this episode.  They brought there own.  Rather, Fred used milk.  Also Fred makes a reference to the 1983 movie "The Right Stuff," when he asks if he has the right stuff to be an astronaut.  Technically, no one unmasked the villain in this episode because it was down with a centrifugal force machine.  Fred did turn the machine on, so score it how you want.

In addition to the Frank Welker (Scooby and Fred), Grey DeLisle (Daphne), and Mindy Cohen (Velma), Kimberly Brooks and Ron Romano also provided voices for this episode.

  • Kimberly Brooks: Janet Lawrence and Elliot Binder
  • Ron Romano: Captain Treesdale and Keith Dale

The music during the chase scene is called "Music of America" and is performed by the Poster Children.

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