Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf?

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Werewolf? is number 24 from the original Scooby Doo series. Spoiler Alert - this Scooby Doo episode guide contains details of the show.


The episode begins showing an open grave and a howling werewolf. The gang soon stumbles upon this mystery and the werewolf. The clues take them to an abandoned warehouse, where they find bags of sheared wool and large wooden barrels with sticks poking out the top.

  • The Monster: Werewolf
  • The Villian: Some guy the gang never met before and whose name is never given. He is just identified as a member of a sheep rustling gang.
  • Why: The sheep rustling were using an abandoned river barge, warehouse, and underground tunnels to float stolen sheep down the river. The werewolf was to scare people away from sheep rustling operation so that the sheep could be loaded and floated away.

Other Episodes

It's almost like the writers were out of steam when they wrote this one. Unlike most episodes, the gang never meets the villian prior to the unmasking. Also unlike other episodes there is no plan to catch the villian, it just kinda happens.

The story is also similar to episode 17 That's Snow Ghost. In both episodes the bad guy is floating stolen goods down river to his accomplices. In Snow Ghost its jewels, in this episode its sheep.

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