Mine Your Own Business

The fourth episode of Scooby Doo is Mine Your Own Business. Spoiler Alert - details of this Scooby Doo episode are below.


Scooby Doo and the gang get lost while on a road trip. Shaggy has been reading the map upside down. The gang decides to stop for the night at Gold City, an old ghost town. Scooby and the gang stay at the only place in town the Gold City Guest Ranch, where they meet Big Ben (the owner) and Old Hank (an assistant).

While there, Scooby and the gang learn the legend of the Miner 49er. According to legend, Miner Forty-Niner is a 100 year old miner that haunts the old mine and has been scaring away visitors and locals. Big Ben and Old Hank are the only two left in Gold City and Hank is leaving soon.

The ghost story is all the gang needs to get hot on the trial. While searching Gold City for clues, Scooby Doo finds a map in an old drug store indian. The map leads the gang into the gold mine and into the arms of Miner Forty Niner. While in the mines, Shaggy and Fred also discover oil.

  • The Monster: Miner Forty Niner
  • The Villain:Hank (no last name) the hotel assistant
  • Why: Hank had discovered that Gold City was sitting on top of a huge oil reserve. Hank used the Miner legend to scare people away from Gold City so he could buy land cheap and drill for oil.

Memorable Scenes

When the gang first arrives at the hotel, Velma is wearing lipstick. It is strikingly odd.

Scooby Trivia

This is the first episode where Daphne is referred to by her nickname, Danger Prone Daphne. Fred calls her that after she falls into a mine shaft.

When the gang first arrives at the hotel, Velma is wearing lipstick. It is strikingly odd.

Fred gets credit for unmasking the villain.

The price to get on an elevator to go into the haunted mine - 2 scooby snax.

Episode Connections

This is the start of another classic Scooby Doo running gag. While passing in front of mirror, Scooby Doo makes funny faces at himself. In the middle of the fun, Scooby's reflection is replaced by the Miner. This gag is repeated in several episodes, including Never Ape and Ape Man.

In Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed, Miner Forty Niner is brought to life and is one of the monsters unleashed on the city.

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This is on season 1 of the original Scooby Doo tv show, which is available on Dvd.