A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts

A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts is episode 11 of the original series. Spoiler Alert - details of this Scooby Doo episode are below.


The gang stops to have their future told by a psychic set up with a trailer on the side of the road. The psychic warns not to go near Franken castle. Of course, that advice does nothing to deter the braver members of the gang, who take Shaggy and Scooby with them.

Once at the castle, Daphne gets trapped inside when the draw bridge unexpectedly raises. There, the gang is confronted by a vampire, werewolf, Frankenstein, and various other ghosts. The vampire appears to be in charge of the marauding monsters.

While trying to capture the monsters, the gang stumbles onto a tapestry that contains jewels. However, the vampire gets away with the tapestry. The gang returns to the road-side psychic, where Scooby Doo discovers the tapestry. The psychic is quickly caught by Scooby and turned over to the police.

  • The Monster: Vampire, Werewolf, Frankenstein, and ghosts
  • The Villain: Big Bob Oakley
  • Why: Oakley was posing as the psychic and all of the monsters at the castle, so that he could scare away people and search for the treasure.

Episode Trivia

In this episode none of the gang captures or unmasks the villain. Instead, they save him from falling over a waterfall and the villain unmasks himself.

This episode is somewhat remarkable because it is unremarkable.

Episode Connections

The writers drew the same werewolf in this episode is the same one that is Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf and who makes another appearance in Scooby Doo and the Goblin King.


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