Hassle in the Castle

Hassle in the Castle is episode 3 in the original Scooby Doo television series. Spoiler Alert - this Scooby Doo episode guide has details about the show below.


Scooby Doo and the gang are out on ocean adventure when their boat runs ashore in a dense fog. Scooby and the gang are stranded on Haunted Isle, which is the location of Vasquez castle. Vasquez the pirate sailed the seas in 1612. While waiting to be rescued, the gang decides to search the old castle. On the way to the castle, they find a cryptic note telling all to leave the island.

Inside the castle, the haunting begins. Daphne is quickly separated from the group when she falls through a trap door. While searching for Daphne, more ghostly happenings abound, including floating sandwiches. Most terrifying is the ghost that keeps chasing the gang and warning them to leave. When the guys try to tackle the ghost it walks through a wall and escapes.

In order to catch the ghost, Fred convinces Scooby to act as live bait and to confront the ghost. Scooby dress up and faces the ghost down with his best John Wayne impersonation. When the ghost gives chase, the gang lowers the boom.

  • The Monster: Ghost of Vasquez Castle
  • The Villain: Bluestone the magician, who just happens to be wanted in several states.
  • Why: Vasquez the Pirate's treasure is supposedly hidden in the castle. Bluestone was searching for the pirate treasure and was using the ghost to scare everyone away while he searched.

Memorable Scenes:

This is the first episode where Scooby gets pinched by a crab. The pinching crab is recurring bit in many Scooby Doo episodes throughout all of the series. It is also in the episode A Night With a Frozen Fright. One of the great Scooby running gags.

Hassle in the Castle is the episode with the skull with the glowing eyes that is part of the show's opening. In the episode, the skull actually talks to Shaggy and Scooby. It says "they went that away" and in response to a thank you, it says "sall right."

Another part of this episode is also in the opening. In the opening, a ghostly hand reaches out to grab Daphne and it barely misses her as she walks away. In the episode Daphne steps out of the ghost reach when she says my "intuition tells me" to go that way.

Episode Connections

Daphne begins earning her nickname "Danger Prone Daphne" in this episode by falling through the trap door.


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