Nowhere to Hyde

Nowhere to Hyde is episode number 18 from the original Scooby Doo tv show. Spoiler Alert - this Scooby Doo episode guide has details below.


A green faced ghoul steals some jewels and scales down the side of building. He is chased by the police, however, the ghoul gets a way by hiding in the back of the Mystery Machine

After being chased out of the Mystery Machine, the gang watch as the Ghost of Mr. Hyde runs away through a field. They decide to follow the Ghost of Mr. Hyde. The trail takes them to a remote spooky house. There, they find that they have stumbled upon the home of an descendant of the real Dr. Jekyll.

When they confront Dr. Jekyll, he tells him that he is the Ghost of Mr. Hyde, but that he cannot control it. He tells them of an experiment that went wrong that is causing him to black out. After these blackouts he discovers that he has been outside (with no memory of it). And, following this last blackout, he found the stolen jewels in one of his pockets.

Although Dr. Jekyll confesses, the clues do not add up. Instead, the clues point to his housekeeper - Helga. As the gang finds and follow the clues, the discover the real identity and truth about the Ghost of Dr. Hyde

  • The Monster: Ghost of Mr. Hyde
  • The Villian: Dr. Jekyll, a descendant of the famous one
  • Why: Doctor Jekyll had failed as a scientist. Using the story of his famous ancestor, Jekyll turned to life of crime. He planted all of the clues in his home to frame his housekeeper.

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