Mystery Mask Mix Up

Mystery Mask Mix Up is episode number 19 in the Scooby Doo Where Are You original television show. Spoiler Alert - this Scooby Doo episode guide contains details of the show.

The gang is enjoying Chinese New Year (btw in the Chinese calender 1970, when this episode aired, was the year of the dog) unaware that the ghost of the ancient Chinese warlord Zen Tuo and his two white faced zombies (the scare pair) are searching the city for the lost golden mask of Zen Tuo. While taking a break from the festivities, Daphne unknowingly purchases the mask from a local curio shop.

Shortly after the gang leave the store, the scare pair show up looking for the mask. The zombies start looking for Daphne and the gang and soon find them in the streets of what is obviously San Francisco and try to take the mask.

Scooby creates a diversion and the gang make a quick get away. The end up at A. Fong's shop, an oriental art dealer, to find out more about the mask. Fong tells them the history of the mask and warns them of the great danger they face so long as it is in their possession. Once they leave the store they are once again meet by the zombies seeking the mask. After a high speed chase through town and a little mishap with the Mystery Machine, the zombies capture Daphne and the mask.

The rest of the gang track the zombies to a haunted Chinese temple in the hills, where Fred and Velma are trapped with Daphne. Scooby and Shaggy run into Zen Tuo and his henchmenwith and after a short chase are captured and placed on top of a pile of fireworks, with a long, lit fuse attached. With a little ingenuity, the pair escape and accidentally free Daphne, Fred, and Velma.

Fred quickly devises a trap to catch Zen Tuo, which involves Shaggy's model train set, which just happens to be in the Mystery Machine. With just a few minor glitches, the trap catches Zen Tuo and the zombies.

  • The Monster: Ghost of Zen Tuo and 2 white faced zombies (the scare pair)
  • The Villian: A. Fong and his henchmen
  • Why: Fong was part of an international smuggling operation. The golden mask was a phoney, but the smugglers used a replica of the mask to send messages of their shipments, including dates and time.

Memorable Points:

Unlike most episodes, the gang's location is pretty clear - San Francisco. The hilly location and signs showing Fisherman's Wharf fix the local.

This could possibly be the most politically incorrect Scooby Doo episode of all time. It features Scooby and Shaggy dressing up as Chinese waiters and has Scooby and Shaggy speaking Chinese.

When Daphne is buying the mask in the curio shop, Fred comments that "clown masks" are more his thing.

  • Scooby Costume: Chinese waiter
  • Scooby Snax: Neither Scooby nor Shaggy get a Scooby snack in this episode. Velman toss it up, but they both miss and a mouse eats it.
  • Who unmasked the Villian: Unknown

This episode is found on the Scooby Doo dvd collection, season 1.