A Night With a Frozen Fright

Scooby Doo Night with A Frozen Fright is the number 20 episode from the original Scooby Doo tv show. Spoiler Alert - details of this Scooby Doo episode are below.


Scooby and the gang are enjoying a great day at the beach. When from the depths of the ocean Scooby finds a caveman frozen in a huge block of ice floating in the water.

Once pulled ashore, Fred recalls hearing about the caveman and that he had fallen overboard while in transport to Oceanland. So, the gang takes their cool discovery to Oceanland. There, they turn it over to Professors Wayne and Engstrom. Shortly after the gang leaves, a mysterious hand turns on the heater next to the caveman and the block of ice holding the caveman starts to melt.

The gang returns to Oceanland because Fred forget something. There, they discover a fight has occurred, the 2 professors are missing, and so is the frozen caveman.

The gang sets out in search the caveman and professors, which leads them on an adventure through Oceanland and the nearby dock, with many run-ins with the caveman.

  • The Monster: Caveman
  • The Villian: Professor Wayne
  • Why: Professor Engstrom had developed a machine that let him talk to sea creatures. Professor Wayne wanted to get rid of Engestrom so that he could get the machine and take all of the credit.

This episode is found on the Scooby Doo dvd collection, season 1.