That’s Snow Ghost

That's Snow Ghost is the seventeenth episode from the original Scooby Doo tv show. Spoiler Alert - this Scooby Doo episode guide contains details of the show.


In the middle of heavy snow, the Mystery Machine pulls up to Wolf's End lodge. The gang quickly jumps inside to meet the caretaker Mr. Greenway a very odd fellow. He shows the gang to their rooms, Daphne and Velma are in one room and the guys in the other. Before he leaves, Greenway tells the gang to not go outside and be sure their windows are locked tight. Otherwise, the Snow Ghost will get them and turn them into ghosts. Of course this comes as a great surprise to the gang.

Shaggy is enlisted to secure the girl's room for the night. As he checks the windows and pulls back the curtain he comes face to face with the Snow Ghost, which scares the wits out of all of them.

The gang quickly gets outside in hot pursuit of the Snow Ghost. They find tracks and track the Snow Ghost to a ravine where flies across the ravine and over the gang. Eventually, the gang finds a small cave with a Tibetian refugee who claims that the Snow Ghost is the ghost of a Yeti. And, that the he killed the Yeti in his native Tibet and its ghost has followed him here to take its revenge.

With the legend in mind, the head out to track the beast, where they find foot prints covered in sawdust. The gang track the Snow Ghost to an abandoned saw mill. There, the chasing begins. While trying to get away, Daphne finds a hollowed out log full of precious jewels. Scooby and Velma are sent down the river on an log.

  • The Monster: Snow Ghost
  • The Villian: Mr. Greenway
  • Why: Greenway was part of a smuggling operation. He was using the Snow Ghost to scare people away so that he could use the abandoned saw mill as a base of operation. He put stolen jewels in hollow logs and then sent those logs floating down the river where they were picked up by his accomplices.