Which Witch is Which?

Scooby Doo Which Witch is Which? is episode 13 in the Scooby Doo Where Are You series. Spoiler Alert - this Scooby Doo episode guide contains details of the show.


The gang is returning from an unsuccessful fishing trip. Scooby is the back of the Mystery Machine fishing in a bucket with a line on his tail. The gang is driving through a swamp, because Fred tried to take a short cut.

Up ahead the gang spots someone on the road and Fred stops to ask directions. (Fred is obviously not your typically male). Once the gang stops, they realize they are face-to-face with a zombie and quickly speed away.

Of course, their curiosity gets the better of them and they want to find out more about the zombie. So the gang stops at the Swamps End General Store, where they meet Zeke. Zeke tells them that he and his partner Zeb saw a witch bring the zombie to life about six months earlier in the swamp. Since that time, everyone is too afraid to go into the swamp.

The gang heads into the swamp looking for the witch and her zombie. They track her to an old shack, where they find vodoo dolls of themselves and confront the witch. Daphne goes up in a puff of smoke. The gang end up at an old riverboat where the find Daphne, a steel-tipped pole that the zombie uses in the swamp, and blow torch.

  • The Monster: The Witch and Zombie of Swamp's End.
  • The Villian: Zeb and Zeke Perkins
  • Why: These brothers wanted to scare people off while they searched for a sunken armored car in the swamp. They were using the metal tipped pole to listen for a "ring" when the tip hit the truck.

Scooby Trivia

Scooby's costume in this episode is a River Boat gambler.

The riverboat on which the Perkins brothers are hiding and using as their base of operations is the River Queen Boat.

Velma unmasks the villains in Which Witch is Which.

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