Scooby Doo Frights, Camera, Mystery

The gang head to Hollywood in this Scooby Doo computer game. G. Rizzley Studios is making a movie based on the gang's adventures. Once on set, a Headless Stuntman begins wreaking havoc on the film, including scaring away the cast and destroying the set. If the Headless Phantom is not stopped, and quick, the studio will close for good.

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Scooby Doo Computer Games

Our goal is to provide you on of the best selections of Scooby Doo computer games anywhere on the web.   These are only for your computer, go to Scooby Doo video games if you are looking for that type of game.  These computer games can provide hours of entertainment, in a learning atmosphere.  Here are some of our the top selling and most popular computer games currently available:

These Scooby Doo computer games may work with Windows, XP, and even Vista.  Be sure to check the system requirements.

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