Scooby-Doo: The Mystery Begins

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What brings best friends together? For Daphne, Velma, Fred, Shaggy and Shaggy’s spunky pup Scooby-Doo, it’s a mystery! The feature-length live-action Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins original movie takes you back to when four teenage sleuths (plus one dog detective) first met. Unjustly accused of staging a spooky practical joke complete with ghosts, the kids are suspended from Coolsville High. To clear their names, they team to solve the supernatural mystery…and head straight into nonstop laughs and adventure. Special fun, special friends and extra-special effects make this “how-it-all-began” story – from boy-meets-dog to the first trip in the Mystery Machine and more – a doggone great time!

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Scooby Doo 3 Update

We have a little more information on Warner Bros.' scheduled release of Scooby Doo 3, which is a prequel to two prior live action films. The release is a little unorthodox, in that, it is a joint production and distribution with Cartoon Network and simultaneously released on Dvd. The official release date is now September 22, 2009.

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